Who we are?
Skills Bank is a professional training & coaching company with an objective of shaping the learning experience for both individuals & corporates in Egypt and Middle East.
Our Vision
Shaping The Learning Experience.
Our Mission
Our focus is to provide practical training that will have a direct impact on the business ecosystem. Through well designed courses and workshops to fit needs of different business we aim to providing opportunities for growth and enrichment for employees.
This be supported by our price strategy which is very competitive in the market in order to make the learning experience and knowledge more affordable for individuals and corporates alike, and this will only happen through our talented and professional team who works as your advisors in the learning process.
What we do?
Provide practical learning and solutions that address actual needs of individuals who seek to develop and thrive in their careers. Our training courses, workshops & Public sessions are customized according to the needs of employees and corporates according to their work environment, corporate culture and position levels so as to get the best result of training targets.
Through our career Coaching & Planning programs we will help you determine your career dream, and how to reach it and the skills needs to achieve it.
Our Services
  • Soft Skills Training.
  • Business Training.
  • Tailored Training.
  • Career Coaching.
Why Skills Bank is different?
  • Practical courses with case studies, activities, real examples could be applied immediately on your job.
  • Talent professional trainers ready to offer you personalized training and guidance.
  • Competitive price strategy compared with the market.
  • Attractive course locations and atmosphere.
  • Guidance after courses as Skills Bank gives 1 month free coaching after sessions for individuals to support them apply what they learnt.
  • Diversity and flexibility in the learning materials to tailor and customize courses according to clients' needs.